Testimony: Support Willow DSEIS

Comment Letter: AKLNG DSEIS

Comment Letter: Willow DSEIS Comments

Comment Letter: Willow SEIS Scoping Comments

Comment Letter: DEIS for the proposed Cook Inlet OCS oil and gas Lease Sale 258

Testimony: Support Oil and Gas Development in the ANWR Coastal Plain

Comment Letter: ANWR SEIS

Comment Letter: ITR authorizations of the Pacific walrus and the polar bear on the North Slope

Testimony: Support Oil and Gas Development in the ANWR Coastal Plain

Comment Letter: DOI's Review of Federal Oil and Natural Gas Lease Program

Joint Letter: Support of Willow Project to DOI

Comment Letter: KIC Incidental Harassment Authorization

Comment Letter: APDES Draft Permit for Furie, KLU Julius R. Platform

Comment Letter: Support of KIC Seismic Exploration

Comment Letter: Willow SDEIS

Comment Letter: Polar Bear Den Model and Survey

Comment Letter:  NPR-A IAP DEIS

Comment Letter:  Willow MDP DEIS

Comment Letter:  
Alaska LNG Project Draft Environmental Impact Statement

Comment Letter:  
ANWR Leasing Program, 2019

Comment Letter:  NPR-A Integrated Activity Plan

Comment Letter:  Support of Nanushuk Project Final EIS

Comment Letter:  
Support of Willow Prospect within NPR-A

Comment Letter:  Revisions to NEPA process, 2018

Comment Letter:  ANWR Scoping Comments

Comment Letter:  Support of Beaufort Sea Oil and Gas Lease Sale

Comment Letter:  Support of GMT2 Alternative A

Testimony: HB 288 Oil Production Tax Bill 

Comment Letter: Draft Proposed Program, 2019-2024 Outer Continental Shelf Leasing Program

Comment Letter: Nanushuk Project Environmental Impact Statement

Comment Letter: Liberty Draft Environmental Impact Statement

Comment Letter: H.R. 4239, SECURE American Energy Act

Comment Letter: Support activity within the non-wilderness coastal plain of ANWR

Comment Letter: Support of ENI Exploration Plan, Nikaitchuq North Exploration Drilling Project

Amicus Brief:  U.S. Supreme Court Amicus Brief on Removal of Bearded Seal Listing from Endangered Species Act (pdf)

Comment Letter: Draft Regional Mitigation Strategy for Northeastern National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska

Comment Letter: ESA Compensatory Mitigation Draft Policy

Comment Letter: Greater Mooses Tooth 2 Project

Comment Letter: Cook Inlet Continental Shelf Lease Sale 244

Comment Letter: Five-Year OCS Lease Sale Plan

Comment Letter: Proposed Methodology for Wetlands Mitigation

Comment Letter: Resource Conservation Rule

Comment Letter: Support of BOEM 2016-0003

Testimony: Scoping Comments on the Nanushuk Project

Comment Letter: Alaska Frontier Constructors, Gravel Site

Comment Letter: Liberty Project DPP and EIS

Comment Letter: Cook Inlet Beluga Whale Draft Recovery Plan

Comment Letter: Draft Arctic Specific Regulations

Comment Letter: Support Shell’s Use of Terminal 5 at Port of Seattle

Action Alert: Comment on Hilcorp Liberty Project

Comment Letter: AK LNG Project

Comment Letter: Liberty Project DPP and EIS

Comment Letter: Cook Inlet Incidental Take Authorizations 2015 - 2020

Comment Letter: Shell's Revised EP for Exploration Drilling in Chukchi Sea

Comment Letter: Proposed 2017-2022 OCS Oil & Gas Leasing Program

Testimony: Ringed seal critical habitat

Media Release: Reaction to ANWR Lock-Up Proposal

Comment Letter: EPA and Corps Proposed Rule Defining the Scope of WOTUS

Comment Letter: Alaska LNG Project

Comment Letter: Greater Moose's Tooth Oil and Gas Development in NPR-A Application to Discharge Gravel Fill to Wetlands

Special Issue: Oil Tax Reform

Comment Letter: Support for CBM Exploration Drilling in Healy Valley

Comment Letter: Five-Year OCS Leasing Program

Comment Letter: Greater Moose's Tooth Draft SEIS Comments

Comment Letter: Support for Keystone XL Pipeline – National Interest Determination

Comment Letter: Proposed Incidental Harassment Authorization to Apache in Cook Inlet

Comment Letter: Connectivity of Streams and Wetlands to Downstream Waters

Comment Letter: SDEIS on Effects of Oil and Gas Activities in the Arctic Ocean

Comment Letter: Draft Environmental Assessment for proposed 3-D Seismic Survey

Comment Letter: Point Thomson Project Draft Environmental Impact Statement

Comment Letter: Draft IAP/EIS for NPR-A

Comment Letter: Point Thomson Settlement Hearing