Comment Letter: Bulletin 38 Revision and Ch’u’itnu Traditional District 

Comment Letter: Proposal to rescind the “Water of the United States” (WOTUS) Definition

Comment Letter: Public scoping, Pebble Project EIS

Comment Letter: Miscellaneous Land Use Permit at the Pebble Project

Comment Letter: APDES Draft Permit AK0055867 for the Donlin Gold Project  

Comment Letter: Ch’u’itnu Traditional Cultural Landscape Nomination

        Comment Letter: EPA's proposal to withdraw Prop. Determination, Pebble Project

        Testimony: Testimony to the EPA, Support Proposed Determination Withdraw


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 Oil and gas

Testimony:  Support Coastal Plain Oil and Gas Leasing Sale

Testimony:  Support of ANWR Lease Sales

Comment Letter: Support of Beaufort Sea Oil and Gas Lease Sale

Comment Letter: Support of GMT2 Alternative A

Comment Letter: Draft Proposed Program, 2019-2024 OCS Leasing Program

Comment Letter: Nanushuk Project Environmental Impact Statement

Comment Letter: Liberty Draft Environmental Impact Statement


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Testimony: University of Alaska Board of Regents - Haines Timber Sale

Comment Letter: Support of the proposed 10-year timber plan near Haines

Comment Letter: Support for HB 155, Land Exchange

Comment Letter: Tongass National Forest Draft Record of Decision

Comment Letter: Wrangell Timber Sale

Comment Letter: TLMP Record of Decision Amendment



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Comment Letter: Draft Vessel Wastewater Discharge Permit

Comment Letter: Alaska Harbor Seal Advanced Notice of Proposed Rule-making

Comment Letter: 2014 Glacier Bay Park and Preserve Quota for Ships

Comment Letter: Glacier Bay Park and Preserve Cruise Ship 2012 Quota

Comment Letter: National Ocean Council Development of Strategic Action Plans


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Comment Letter: Cook Inlet Beluga Whale Draft Recovery Plan

Comment Letter: Central North Pacific humpback whale DPS and delisting

Comment Letter: Draft Environmental Impact Statement for Steller Sea Lion

Comment Letter: National Ocean Council Ocean Policy SAP Outlines

Comment Letter: National Ocean Council Development of Strategic Action Plans


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