Support for SB 51
Testimony before SRES • March 20, 2019

Good afternoon, my name is Marleanna Hall, I am the executive director for the Resource Development Council for Alaska, Inc. RDC is an Alaskan trade association with members in fishing, forestry, mining, oil and gas, and tourism, as well as the 12 land owning regional Native corporations, labor, individuals, and others supporting the responsible development of Alaska’s natural resources.

RDC has carefully reviewed the SB 51, and I’m here today to request the members of Senate Resources pass senate bill 51 out of this committee and support this version on the Senate floor. 

RDC also signed the coalition letter mentioned earlier. 

RDC believes the Tier 3 designation idea has been identified by groups opposed to development in Alaska, and that without a proper designation process, unnecessary nominations will be made. Across our state, our projects, whether they be community or resource development, may be subject to outside interests making nominations or urging those in our state to also make unnecessary nominations. 

Much of this bill will help protect land and access for our communities, for Native corporations, and for rural development projects.

Without this process in place, our communities, projects, or even the State could have to spend unnecessary dollars on questionable nominations and resulting litigation. 

Further, without this legislation in place, we jeopardize protecting our resources. This legislation should satisfy those opposing further development in Alaska, by putting into law a proper mechanism for water nomination and designation, while protecting Alaska’s resources through requiring proper vetting of all nominations. 

Thank you for the opportunity to provide comments today.